Sergio Catalan, chileno.
Borracho y lacho, pero buen muchacho ;D la lucha libre que tu querias ver!

The goal from day one of The Shield was to take over the business…

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Rami’s Throwback: Jon Moxley (WWE’s Dean Ambrose) & Sami Callihan (NXT’s Solomon Crowe) invade a Pro Wrestling talk show that was interviewing Draker Younger (Recently turned WWE Referee) (x)

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Summerslam Journey Coverage WWE Superstars and Officials talk about Dean Ambrose.

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Charlie Sheen todo el rato!

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Quiero, Quiero,Quiero,Quiero !!!

Quiero, Quiero,Quiero,Quiero !!!

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I look a woman up and down and say, “Hey, how you doin’?”

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Rosa Mendes Rulz!

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Paige’s NXT Summer Vacation photoshoot

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